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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Poaching of Game A Major Concern Along Namibia's Coastal Regions

Over the last year, there have been ongoing reports of increased poaching activity in the Brandberg West area towards the Ugab River and in the areas around the Sori Sorris and Tsiseb Conservancies.  Springbok and Kudu are facing serious threats as illegal game hunting is increasing.  In the past week, it was reported that between 20-40 Kudu Calves (still suckling) have been left without mothers and will eventually die.  Some of the illegal game meat is being sold in local butcheries and grocery stores at the Namibian Coast, often without the knowledge of these establishments.  Please be responsible and opt out of eating or purchasing game meat unless you know where it comes from and whether the animal was legally killed.  If you have any knowledge about potential culprits or see any suspicious activity, please report this to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism's Victor Katanga at +264 81 293 1602

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