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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Uranium Mine Assessment Reports for Public Comment

Several draft scoping reports on various Uranium Mining initiatives are available for review and require comments from the public. Please be sure your voice is heard.

The following reports are available at the Swakopmund Public Library and Uranium Institute:
1)      Rössing Uranium Ltd: Mining and processing of the Z20 uranium deposit
2)      Swakop Uranium - Scoping Report for the proposed Amendments to the Husab Mine Plan and Infrastructure
3)      Swakop Uranium - Khan Track Upgrade Scoping Report

Electronic copies can also be made available on request and can be picked up from SLR Environmental Consulting (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd. Contact details are provided below.  

Robyn Christians
Environmental Assessment Practitioner
SLR Consulting Namibia (Pty) Ltd


+264 81 417 6560

+264 64 402 317
+264 64 403 327
SLR Environmental Consulting (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd
House Schumacher
6 Tobias Hainyeko Street, Swakopmund, Namibia