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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Our Beautiful Benguela

"Our Beautiful Benguela"
Published in the Namib Times
By Marcia Fargnoli

One upon a time, there was a beautiful ocean current named Benguela.  She was one of the greatest caretakers on Earth.  She gave the most abundant food on the whole planet and provided free meals to the tiniest and most gigantic creatures in the entire world.  Animals from across the Earth traveled far distances to visit her.  Dolphins, whales, seals, turtles, birds and fish were among her children.

Beautiful Benguela was such an amazing caretaker that she even provided water to those that lived on the land. The tiniest of water droplets danced on her surface and moved across the parched landscape.  Those in search of freshwater and food found that she provided everything they needed to survive.  

She was a great artist and at the end of every day she took the time to create the most beautiful paintings with the sun.  The colours were extraordinary.  Some nights she was covered in a blanket of mist and other nights the stars shined brighter over her than anywhere else. She was an exceptional musician.  Her waves hummed the most delightful songs by day and by night.  She never stopped singing. She was inspiring and offered solace to countless weary souls. 

She was joyful. She tickled toes with her cool comforting waves.  The children spent countless days befriending her.  They played for hours on end and lost themselves in childhood games. Her waves danced continuously and some went out on boards and boats and danced with her.  She made people smile. She was distinctively special and something unique and unmistakable about her resonated with anyone who took the time to notice.

Yet there were others who didn't care.  In fact they only wanted to make money from her.  They dumped poison into her, threw garbage at her, blasted for oil, and cut and dug away at her floor.  They took more food than they needed and they searched endlessly for anything to bring money.  Greed ran rampant.  Those in search of wealth didn't understand her nor did they even seem to have a heart to care about what they were doing to her.

The gluttonous humans took almost everything from her, leaving her a shadow of what she once was.  Her children started dying. Whales, dolphins, birds, seals, fish and all kinds of creatures washed up dead onto the shore.  Yet, the ravenous continued, they said it’s normal. They didn't understand the animals were warning them to stop.

Beautiful Benguela was so magical and gave so generously. Why would anyone want to harm her? The people who understood and loved her dearly knew something was terribly wrong. They cried vast tears each night for her.  The children wished upon a star that she would no longer have to face such abuse.

Some people fiercely defended her.  They called and they cried, but the bullies continued.  She fought to stay alive for years, but Beautiful Benguela could not survive the constant torment from the bullies and eventually she collapsed. This is how it came to be that we lost the world’s most beautiful and generous caretaker.

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